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Furnace Repair & Service

furnace is perhaps the most important component in your heating system. If this breaks, especially in the middle of winter, your home could get uncomfortable quickly. Our professional team of HVAC contractors works around the clock, ensuring our customers do not go without heat. No matter the time of day we will be there to implement a fast, quality solution.

Furnace Maintenance

Sometimes furnaces wear out and break down because they were not cared for properly. We recommend that at least once a year, you have your local HVAC service come out to your home to inspect and tune-up your furnace. This will ensure your comfort as well as lower heating bills and prolong the life of your system. For this we offer our customers a maintenance plan that gets you cleaning, check-ups and special privileges as a premier customer. To learn more see our maintenance program  page.

Furnace Efficiency

Is your furnace over 10 years old? Most older furnaces just do not have the efficiency that modern furnaces do. Furnaces are rated by SEER, which compares the fuel that goes into to the furnace with the fuel actually used to heat the home. Older furnaces can have efficiencies as low as 60, meaning 40% of the fuel you are putting in is wasted. Modern units range from 75-95% efficiency and can greatly decrease your heating bills. This will especially help if you find yourself having to repair your furnace often.


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