AC500 Hepa Air Cleaner

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ndoor Air Quality is a Concern!
ManufacturerCGF Products

The AC500 HEPA is designed to be directly mounted on the return air duct, or with the optional collar installation kit HMC 500 for remote mounting. Our use of an advanced pull and push design offers a double sound barrier. The motor pulls the air through the pleated filter and charcoal filter HMK 500, then pushes it through the HEPA Media Filter HF 500 which acts as a double sound attenuator. The process is very quiet, and with zero pressure drop, will not interfere with the ability of the heating/cooling system blower to deliver clean, safe, healthy air to the building.
Because HEPA Air Filtration Systems combine HEPA filters with carbon-based materials, they stop mold spores, bacteria, viruses, pet dander and dust, and also help to eliminate harmful gasses and odors from your home. Thus, the air that leaves this type of air purifying system is cleansed and almost totally free from contaminants.


Dimension (D x W x H): 13"x 17"x 22"
30% Pleated Prefilter Replacement: 12"x 16"x 2" 
Replace every six months
Charcoal Replacement Filter: 12"x 16"x 3/8" 
Replace every six months
Replacement Kit - GF-HMK500

H.E.P.A. Replacement Filter: 12"x 16"x 2.5" 
Replace every two years 
Replacement Filter - GF-HF500

Performance: 200/300CFM 
Voltage: 120 VAC @ 60 Hz 
Amperage: 1.5A 
Power Consumption: 130W 
Certification: c CSA us 
Efficiency: 99.97 @ .30 microns


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