Get Up to $2,000 From Enbridge

Save When You Upgrade Your Furnace or Hot Water Tank

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your home’s furnace or hot water tank, now is the time!

Enbridge Gas Distribution is now offering this rebate to communities in York and Toronto. Qualified homeowners will be able to understand their home’s efficiency rating, and improve the energy efficiency of their home. The benefit is lower monthly energy bills for you and a reduced impact on the environment.

Please ensure you go through Enbridge’s full process in order to claim your rebate:



  1. Make sure you qualify for the program
  2. Have a pre-retrofit energy audit performed on your home by a Certified Energy Auditor approved by Enbridge. Enbridge will pay up to $150 of the approximately $350 cost.
  3. Upgrade your furnace or hot water tank, along with at least one other additional upgrade from their list. Your home must achieve a minimum of 25% in gas savings annually in order to claim the rebate.
  4. Get a new energy audit performed to learn your improved efficiency score.

This is the latest in a history of successful conservation programs Enbridge has been offering energy since 1995.