Therm 520 PN

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Patented Hydro-power ignition saves electricity and gas


This Bosch Therm 520 PN model offer Piezo push-button ignition and utilizes a modulating gas valve to ensure a constant temperature at varying flow rates. The 520 PN is the perfect tankless solution for smaller families and households that only use no more than two hot water applications at a time.

While it provides endless hot water, it saves money because it only heats water when you need hot water.

Therm 520 PNSpecifications
Condensing/Non-Condensing Non-Condensing
Application Residential
Max Input (BTU) 117,000
Min Input (BTU) 30,725
Capacity at 35°F Rise (gpm) 5.2
Capacity at 55°F Rise (gpm) 3.3
Intelligent Cascading No
Min Flow Rate .5 gpm
Temp Range (°F) High - Low
Temp Stability (°F) n/a
Default Temp (°F) n/a
Energy Factor -
Thermal Efficiency 78%+
Installation Options Indoor
Dimensions (w x h x d) 16¾" x 25¾" x 8 3/5"
Weight (lbs.) 35
Inlet Connection ½" NPT
Outlet Connection ½" NPT
Gas Connection ¾" NPT
Max Water Pressure 150 psi
Min Water Pressure 30 psi
Min NG Presure 5.7" WC
Condensing Heat Exchanger n/a
Venting Options Galvanized B-Vent
Vent Maximun Run n/a
Energy Star Rated No


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