A Couple of things to keep in mind about your HVAC system this winter

As we all know chilly weather is starting to infiltrate the greater Toronto area, you probably have already started your heating activity with your furnace or heat pump. This is a very crucial transition and those who aren't ready or prepared will be caught off guard heating repairs expenses as un-diagnosed problems lead to system malfunctions. Through out this winter year your heating need  will be based off the coming and going of storms on and off.  between december and march are the peak times for house fires and deaths, and heating equipment is typically the leading cause of such fires or incidents, both portable and fixed space heaters contribute to these statistics. A key thing to note is that stable settings will help you conserve a lot of energy, misunderstanding about the thermostat settings can lead to a higher energy usage. Also Home owners believe or think that turning the heating system off when nobody is home will be a smart thing to do because it will be  saving you money is not true. Once you turn your heating system on again your house will be very cold to start with but once the heat is turned on it will use a lot more energy just to spread the heat and make sure the house is warm. You are better off leaving your heating system on at all times, by maintaining a sensible heating setting your heating system will be using less energy will make your bill less costly.