Does your water heater runs cold?

It is important to remember regular maintenance, timely repair and replacement of their units. When a water heater gets 10 years old it often produce signs of leaking, rusty water, or not producing the hot water at all, then it might be the ideal time to opt for the heating system replacement in Toronto, Canada. Timely repair and replacement, should know avoid you costly damages. 10 years use makes water heater efficiency go down as it ages the common sign is the noise and increased energy is a good idea to consider upgrading your old tank with a tank less unit as it can save you about 20% energy. One big advantage of the tank less unit is that it provides the instant hot water as compared to its counterparts. This means that you will not have to wait for the hot water and you will save on the energy cost if you have a tank less water heater installed. For more infor call us NOW.