About Us

Maple Home Services Ltd. Furnace and AC Specialists in Vaughaun

Maple Home Services Ltd is a locally owned and operated business owners have been serving in Toronto GTA since 2008.  

As a family owned and operated service oriented company, Big Springs works hard to take care of all your heating, air conditioning and duct cleaning needs. 

We have been providing heating, air conditioning and duct cleaning services 7 years and we are a full service company specializing in residential and commercial repairs, renovations, and new installations. Our well trained staff is dedicated to customer service, quality work and a greener future.  

We are focusing on helping out clients with their heating ,cooling and all hvac needs, no matter how small or large, we have been rewarded with a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.Our slogan is NO COMPROMISE ON QUALITY

Contact Us: 416-878-2785